Since May of 2015 Park County Public Library, Fairplay Colorado, has been offering online brain exercises developed from the research of Dr. Merzenich. These exercises  from Fast ForWord of Scientific Learning just celebrated their 20th Anniversary last Spring. In October of 2015 our Library added BrainHQ from Posit Science also developed from Dr. Merzenich’s research & was featured this Summer on The Today Show as well as in the Wall Street Journal.

In January of this year, through very  generous grant funding from the DONEGAN BURNS FOUNDATION for Fast ForWord and the Reading Assistant we were able to open the programs fully, accommodate our waiting list, and add the program to improve reading fluency. Around 300 participants have already benefitted from these exercises, and we’ve  been able to build collaborative relationships with our schools, community organizations, and home school communities.

What this means is:  Libraries can truly promote literacy and intellectual freedom in substance by making access to these life-changing exercises broadly available across settings and generations!



Pat Sohmer

Park County Public Library Manager

Fairplay, CO  80440

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