New Grant Program

In April 2012, Donegan Burns launched the Dyslexia Testing and Intervention Grant to equip schools, afterschool programs, and children’s organizations for early testing and intervention of children at risk for dyslexia.

1 in 10 Americans has dyslexia. 80% of people diagnosed with a learning disability have dyslexia, however current education practice and budget shortfalls mean at risk students often fall behind – up to three years – before receiving help. Children who fall behind may suffer bullying, lose confidence and self-esteem, and ultimately drop out of school. The goal of the program; test for dyslexia as early as possible, provide appropriate instruction and teach children to read before they fall behind.

The grant provides $12,000 for dyslexia testing and intervention for children in first through third grades (in schools) and for children ages 5 -15 (in afterschool programs). The cost of technology, materials, and training is covered. Grantees also receive testing and reading intervention software and support valued at approximately $13,000.

If you are interested in applying for the grant, please send a Letter of Inquiry to

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