Meet my 8th grade son, Tahmiere. He went from a 1st grade reading level to 8th grade reading level in 1 ½ years and is on his way to testing out of Special Ed all by using Fast ForWord!



Hi Bettye,


My son Tahmiere had struggled with school since about the 2nd grade, he did not comprehend like some of his peers in class.  By the 5th grade his teachers were extremely concerned that Tahmiere was not going to do well in middle school.  My husband and I turned to a well know tutoring company here in AZ. Tahmiere went 3 times a week for an year and half and $20K later he made minor improvements but still fell far below the standards.

I started him on Fast ForWord in the summer of 2012.  He was assessed in 4 areas phonological awareness, decoding, vocabulary and comprehension and scored at a 1st grade reading level, he was about to start the 6th grade.  Fast ForWord is a neuroscience web based program that focuses on the foundation skills and hard wires the child’s brain and feels in the “gaps” that a brain maybe missing.  Tahmiere was on the program 64 days and gained 3 years and 4 months of Reading Level gain, his confidence and his ability to process at normal speech improved dramatically.  By the middle of 6th grade I was approached by several of his teachers stating that Tahmiere was having a hard time with the curriculum in his class and they wanted me to test him for Special Ed, I agreed, even though I knew he was making great progress with Fast ForWord after such a short time he was still at the 4th grade reading level.  Tahmiere was placed in Special Ed in the fall.  Now with additional support of teachers and curriculum and doing Fast ForWord every night Tahmiere was making HUGE progress in class and on the program.  This past spring Tahmiere took his AIMS (AZ state standard test) and received a meets for Reading, Writing and Math. This December Tahmiere is taking a test to test out of Special Ed.  Fast ForWord changed my son’s life! He loves a challenge and no longer afraid to TRY and give it his all. 


Tara Socia

Tucson AZ

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