Everyone should know about the great work you are doing in literacy.

Grantees are required to submit quarterly evaluation reports. Each report should be no longer than five (5) pages and address each of the items below:

  1. For each objective, outline the accomplishments, any challenges encountered (positive/negative) and the solutions (planned/implemented) to those challenges, and any proposed changes or modifications to the objectives;
  2. Describe the effect the grant had on residents in your community and for the population you are serving, including stories or testimonials from participants,
  3. Discuss what would be done differently if the program were to be repeated;
  4. Share specific plans, if any, for continuing the work started by the project;
  5. Discuss any plans to communicate your results with others;
  6. Please include with your report a detailed accounting of expenditures for the entire grant period, and if there are any major variances please explain.

Please submit a Grant Evaluation Report electronically to and note “Donegan Burns Grant Evaluation Report” on the subject line.