We are looking for great proposals that are short and to the point.

In order to receive a grant, organizations are required to complete the application and  submit a proposal, not to exceed six (6) pages in length. A proposal template is included in the application for your convenience.


Provide up-to-date contact information for the primary applicant and other decision makers in the organization.

2. PROPOSAL SUMMARY: one paragraph maximum

Provide an executive summary of the proposed project. Briefly describe why your organization is requesting this grant, what results you hope to achieve, and how you will spend the funds if a grant is made.

3. NARRATIVE: preferred length not to exceed three (3) pages

Please include the following information:

A. Background—Describe the work of your agency, addressing each of the following:

  • A brief description of the purpose and brief history of the organization;
  • The organization’s mission and goals;
  • The population to be benefited;
  • Current programs, activities and accomplishments;
  • Number of board members; number of paid full-time staff; number of paid part-time staff; number of volunteers;
  • Describe the organizations you partner with to do your work and explain how you differ from these other agencies.

B. Funding Request—Please explain the specific project to be funded including:

  • A project description, including goals, objectives, timeline for implementation, specific activities to be funded and outcomes expected;
  • The population that you plan to serve and how this population will benefit from the project;
  • Approach and methods to be employed to implement your project, including a description of activities planned;
  • The background and research that have led to the development of the proposed project;
  • The amount requested;
  • The names, titles, qualifications and experience of the key personnel who will be responsible for the project;
  • How the project contributes to your organization’s overall mission;
  • Any plans for sustaining the project and for long-term sources/strategies for funding upon completion of the proposed grant;
  • Other organizations, if any, participating in the activity.

C. Evaluation—Please explain the following:

  • Expected results during the grant period;
  • How you would define and measure the effectiveness of your activities you expect to have achieved by the end of the funding period;
  • How the project’s results will be used or disseminated to key constituencies.

4. ATTACHMENTS: In addition to the Grant Proposal, please attach the following:

A. Financial Information

  • Most recent financial statements (audited if available);
  • Current operating budget;
  • A detailed project budget, including a narrative, where appropriate, explaining how the funds will be used;
  • A list of other sources of actual and expected funding, including amounts, toward the project.

B. Other Supporting Materials

  • A copy of your current I.R.S. determination letter indicating tax-exempt status;
  • A list of the organization’s board members and/or advisers and their affiliations;
  • One-paragraph description of key staff qualifications which are relevant to the specific request;
  • Recent articles about, or evaluations of, your organization, if available (no more than three examples please).

Please submit the Grant Application and your Proposal as well as requested additional documents electronically to and note “Donegan Burns Foundation Grant Application” on the subject line.

Download: Donegan Burns Grant Application Template


A number of you have asked for a template to follow when you submit a report to Donegan Burns Foundation and when submitting a grant renewal request…here it is.  Tina Morse of Wyman Elementary in Rolla Missouri has provided an excellent model.

Fast ForWord Grant Renewal Link

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