Testing and Intervention Grant Outcomes

The  Testing and Intervention Grant allows schools, after-school programs and children’s organizations to implement testing and intervention for learning differences in the first through third grade (in schools) and for ages 5 – 15 (in after school programs). Grantees identify appropriate testing and educational software that may help them accomplish the following:

  • Complete a profile  to gain insights into the strengths and weaknesses of their students.
  • Use insights to inform decisions on class assignments, teaching methods and placement of students at risk.
  • Place children in an appropriate program that meets their needs and provide parent support. Many children advance one or more reading grade levels in 3 – 9 months of intervention.
  • Track progress and recommend children who do not progress  for a  evaluation to determine other causes.
  • Compare the test results to changes in standardized tests the organization can measure the educational impact of the program and improve the design of future learning interventions.

Funds may be used to designate a learning intervention “coach” who may be an administrator, teacher or education professional. He or she will manage the program, guide children and their parents through the academic intervention, track progress and results, interact with parents, and report results to their organization and the foundation.  Additionally, we recommend the school use part of the grant for workshops, seminars or other programs that prepare reading coaches in multi-sensory teaching and strengths-based education methods.

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