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Executive Women Golf Association Scholarship Winners 2015

Donegan Burns Foundation Scholarship recipients for the 2015 EWGA.  Christi Cano who appears with each of the recipients is a pro with the LPGA.  Christi was a recipient of the Donegan Burns Foundation  scholarship when the organization first started recognizing and giving scholarships away…  She went on to become a Pro and member of the LPGA!!! Christi lives in San Antonio  and is very active with EWGA. She is a super person and always reminds us of how the Donegan Burns Foundation Scholarship she received made all the difference in her life!!! EWGA  appreciates  the Donegan Burns Foundation for their support! !!! Donegan Burns Foundation changes lives!!!!


Thanks to the generous contribution, The Donegan Burns Foundation gave to the San Antonio Chapter of EWGA, the Chapter was able to give four, $1250, scholarships to four wonderful young ladies. These young girls were chosen from multiple applicants. They received these scholarships based on their community service, scholastic and athletic achievements.

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Every year the San Antonio EWGA holds a tournament to raise money and awareness for our young women golfers ages 14-18. Because of the contribution, the Donegan Burns Foundation made; in supporting and being a major sponsor, the tournament was a success and helped us to raise additional funds. The girls use the money to enter tournaments and purchase necessary equipment for themselves to play golf and eventually be noticed by college scouts. For many of these young ladies, this is the only way they will be able to attend college. So helping them attain their goals is an incredible gift.

Thank you Donegan Burns for your on-going support!


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