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We have been using Fast ForWord school wide since January 2015.  Our results have been overwhelming!  Below you will find a screen shot of our progress as well as some teacher and parent success stories.  Notice on the screen shot under Proficiency Level Changes that we have moved all but 2 of our Fast ForWord students out of the Struggling range!!  Woohoo!!  We are early in our process, but are very pleased with the progress so far.  We held a Fast ForWord Parent Night and sent home information about the program.  Fast ForWord has increased parent involvement in our educational process.  Parents are more aware of their child’s specific needs thanks to the breakdown of skills on the RPI assessment.  The RPI also allows teachers to focus in on the specific skill a student need helps with.  We are currently working on establishing a summer school session to keep our kids going over the summer.  We feel very blessed to be able to offer Fast ForWord to our students.  We have seen not only their academic levels grow, but their confidence too!  We are extremely appreciative of the Donegan Burns Foundation grant we received and hope to have many more success stories to share.



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Therapeutic Riding of Tucson TROT

A letter from a grateful Parent of a TROT student.

I want to THANK YOU for this experience given to Nikkolas Gaskins, an experience that has helped Nikkolas open up to others, to enjoy his life and his surroundings. To enjoy who he is as a person. A young man who is talented, bright and caring.

Nikkolas has built such a strong rapport with the staff of TROT and with his horse, Skittles. Nikkolas speaks highly of the staff and how helpful they are to him, and he is eager and willing to show and tell anyone who will listen all he has learned.

He has started to take a genuine interest in horses and animals overall. Fears that were once seen as encompassing all of him. Limiting his enjoyment of life and his surroundings. Nikkolas’ eyes light up when he speaks of TROT and Skittles and how much he is looking forward to his next riding lesson.

This experience has helped Nikkolas tremendously to open himself up to others, to family and to others outside our home. We, the family, wish to thank you for the light, happiness and anticipation that TROT has brought to Nikkolas.

Thank you ever so much,

The mother of Nikkolas

Board member, Randy Geurin presents a $10,000.00 to Sandi Moomey, Executive Director at TROT's April 11, 2015 Fundraiser Event.

Board member, Randy Geurin presents a $10,000.00 to Sandi Moomey, Executive Director at TROT’s April 11, 2015 Fundraiser Event.

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